Wealth Management Methodology

Based on the holistic understanding of investment and returns, Fondazione AIS is developing a Comprehensive Wealth Management Methodology, to enable positive impact selection choices of the allocation of all resources instead of negative risk mitigation only. The integrated Wealth Management Methodology is at the core of all activities to advance impact and sustainability.

Awareness building

Whether in situations of family governance, or in matters of family reputation, we start from family values to build awareness of potential impact consequences in any context of private wealth management. Thereby we are supporting the social responsibility and impact-orientation of private investors.
Impact measurement

A key competence and strategic focus of our research is impact measurement. We enable a comprehensive impact measurement, including intangible effects.

We are investigating the private wealth field through action-research methodologies. All aspects of our work are rooted in sound quality research and based on data evidence, irrespective of the type of investment or impact being addressed.
Digital integration of data and evidence

Comprehensive impact measurement requires the management of substantial amounts of data and therefore calls for digital integration. This will include fully integrated reporting processes and tools. 
Any use of wealth is an investment – from (financial) assets, to philanthropy projects and lifestyle expenses. All investments generate three types of returns:
The relationship among these returns may vary, along with their tangible and/or intangible components.
The integration of these approaches is creating of a
Comprehensive Return on Investment (CROI) ©.