We conduct interdisciplinary action-based research to overcome private wealth management challenges and unleash its transformative potential towards impact and sustainability.

Research on Digitization in Family Offices

We delve into the relationship between FOs and integrated digital tools:

  • What will be the benefit of digital integration?
  • What will be the contribution to sustainable and impact finance?
  • How can best practices be systematized?
  • How can personalized wealth management reporting for the owners be implemented?

Research Exchange for Young Scholar

We offer a unique opportunity for young researchers in sustainable finance, impact and private wealth management research. Our Research Exchange program provides a dynamic platform and network for scholars to connect and engage in both digital and in-person interactions. We utilize a variety of formats, including Expert Talks, Peer Review Sessions, and Workshops, to create a collaborative environment where researchers can benefit from professional input, share ideas, and establish potential collaborative opportunities.

Check the results of our latest survey conducted together with our partner FOX.

If you are a scholar working in these fields and interested in joining our program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Research on Philanthropic Impact Measurement

We develop impact measurement models for philanthropic programmes and projects and explore developments of convergence in philanthropic impact assessment.

Research on Family Governance

We analyse models of family governance and family communication to prevent the emergence of potential conflicts among family members.

Research on Sustainable & Impact Finance

We contribute to shape the most advanced and innovative approaches in the realm of sustainable and impact finance.

Research on Family Values

We investigate what are the driving values of private wealth owners, and what will support them to live up to those values:

  • In terms of guiding values of family owners.
  • In terms of family purpose.
  • With regard to family governance.
  • Considering philanthropic impact.
  • Implementing comprehensive family capital impact aligned with family values.